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Green Mussels in Tomato Paste

Cooked mussels
Cooked mussels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This green mussel in tomato paste recipe has passed hands, so I decided to post it, so others who are very fond of eating green mussels, if they don’t have this dish already, may try it. Now this isn’t entirely mine – this was passed on by a fellow engineer while we are on training in Ireland, when we are on our own, away from our spouses. Some good things can come out in such situations, you see.

Now don’t think that this is a very complicated recipe, hard to prepare, and even harder to cook. It is all the contrary. So go ahead and try it. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Bon appétit!

Green Mussels in Tomato Paste


Onion – 1 whole is small, half if big
Garlic – 5-6 cloves
Ginger – about the size of the onion used
Tomato – ripe, very ripe preferred for easier cooking into paste
-    1 big piece for each kilo of green mussels (min 2)
Mussels – small to medium easier to cook, and tastier, too
-    Empty shells easier to manage during disposal also…


1.    Buy green mussels in the morning when you are going to eat for lunch.
2.    Put in the ref, not in the freezer, if not cooking immediately.
3.    Do not wash. Wash only just before adding in the wok.
4.    Mince the onion and garlic.
5.    If desired, the onion can be sliced sideways to keep it visible.
6.    Wash, then cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
7.    Wash the ginger. If not removing skin, wash very well.
8.    Slice like a thick potato chips (quarter of an inch or so).

1.    Heat up wok in medium fire.
2.    Add in enough oil, not too much.
3.    Drop in onion, stir until semi-transparent, then add in garlic.
4.    Stir until garlic turns medium brown, then put in tomatoes.
5.    Stir, then cover. Leave for a minute or two.
6.    Repeat step 5 until tomatoes get pasty (halfway into becoming paste).
7.    Drop in ginger.
8.    Do step 5 until tomatoes are fully cooked and pasted. Cover.
9.    Clear everything away as you have to do this quick:
  • Wash under running water the mussels.
  • Drain away in a container.
  • Wash again, and drain away.
  • Make sure no mud or dirt stays on the shells.
  • However, never submerge the shells in the water so the mussels don’t lose their juice.
10.    Open wok and put in the mussels, stirring vigorously, making sure paste covers as much mussels as possible.
11.    Do this carefully so nothing spills out of the wok.
12.    Cover. Leave for 2 mins. Stir. Repeat.
13.    When boiling starts, add in some salt (and MSG, if you please). Just enough.
14.    Let it boil for another 5-10mins.
15.    Best served right after cooking.
16.    Enjoy!
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