Sunday, February 28, 2010

More home-made salad dressing pages

Salad with vinaigrette dressingImage via Wikipedia

Okay, to be fair, I am putting here the list of the other webpages that teaches how (and sometimes, the what) to make salad dressings, at home.

And though I only was looking for one type of salad dressing, that is, a vinaigrette, I found others as well.

So here goes the list:

The fifth one was quite a shock! I was already contemplating a trip to the grocery so I can hunt for that salad dressing that I've been ignoring for so long. Oh, well... a timely advise, I guess.

Bon appetit!

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Home-made salad dressings

Salad platterImage via Wikipedia

We just had our youngest daughter's baby dedication 2 Saturdays ago. That means I now have 4 daughters, and if you are looking at my profile, I haven't updated it, yet...

Anyway, with the varied dishes and delicacies that the guests can select and enjoy, what they'd like a lot is the fresh salad, and that is mainly because of the dressing. Naturally, because it was home-made.

Unfortunately, it was made not in our home, but in somebody else's. It's the caterer's home. And it won't do for me asking for the recipe.

I kinda like the salad dressing myself, and the girls, too! So how do we go about it?

So I said, "What do you know? We have the internet to look it up!"

I did, and I found many, but only 2 I am showing here, since they are more or less what I think give me what I'm looking for, in the format that I want: simple, direct, straightforward.

Here they are:


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A cookbook with a tune?

Singapore Symphony OrchestraImage via Wikipedia


A Singapore Symphony Orchestra's coffee-table book has emerged as the Best Fundraising Cookbook in Asia at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2009 in Paris.

The glossy 136-page tome, A Symphony of Taste, vied with cookbooks from over 73 countries in the Charity Cookbook category.

Mrs Kwan Lui, who received the award on behalf of the SSO Ladies League in Paris, said: "A Symphony of Taste was our first cookbook endeavour and we feel very honoured that our hard work has been recognised at the international level."

From TODAY, Friday, 19-Feb-2010


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