Thursday, April 2, 2009

Been cooking lately, but not been posting

As already said, this is my first post. I have been busy cooking at home, even right after coming from my day work. With my wife pregnant, and progressively in the process of childbearing, she has a lot of physiological changes, not to mention emotional and mental, my home cooking is even more needed.

Well, she has developed a distaste of many things in the kitchen. She dislikes the smell of frying onion and garlic, and with most foods fried first with those two ingredients, that leaves most of the cooking to me!

Not a problem for me, since I also enjoy cooking. Ever since I was a child, being the last to grow up, I was with my mother. And with my mother spending most of her time in the kitchen (compared to my father, that is), then I got to learn a few things from the start, and try my own hands doing this and that while growing up. Needless to say, I had a hand in the kitchen. So that is why I don't have any problem being the man of the house, and the hand in the kitchen.

But, don't expect too much from me. Having grown in the provinces, all I know are very simple dishes. And quick ones to cook at that. At the least, these are very fresh foods. I've grown by the waters of the sea, the river and the fishpond. I've eaten "live seafoods", just fresh from the catch, and fresh fishes, just brought in from the fishpond. And, as in the days of old, we had our own backyard to pick fruits and vegetables from, or to pluck some shoots - all fresh from the tree or vine.

Lately, I've come to know a few (only a few) of those meat-based dishes, but I know that what I know will grow. As in all things, "doing is learning, and learning is doing."

Especially when you grow older, one of the pasttime you should have or revert to, is sports - but not watching; it should be doing.

And with cooking, doing is very important. It is the experience that counts.

May you not have boiling oil or piping hot soup spill or splatter on you.

Happy cooking!
(and eating)...

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