Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home-made salad dressings

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We just had our youngest daughter's baby dedication 2 Saturdays ago. That means I now have 4 daughters, and if you are looking at my profile, I haven't updated it, yet...

Anyway, with the varied dishes and delicacies that the guests can select and enjoy, what they'd like a lot is the fresh salad, and that is mainly because of the dressing. Naturally, because it was home-made.

Unfortunately, it was made not in our home, but in somebody else's. It's the caterer's home. And it won't do for me asking for the recipe.

I kinda like the salad dressing myself, and the girls, too! So how do we go about it?

So I said, "What do you know? We have the internet to look it up!"

I did, and I found many, but only 2 I am showing here, since they are more or less what I think give me what I'm looking for, in the format that I want: simple, direct, straightforward.

Here they are:


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