Monday, October 18, 2010

A new hob and a new hood

Pressure cookerImage via WikipediaWe're moving in to the new flat by 1st Week of December, approximately, and that means all the works would have been done by that time.

One thing that we needed is a new hob and a new hood, and we've been looking around, hunting around for some much-needed promotions or sales that will most probably gave us a chance to still get a good pair at the lowest price.

Well, there has been some promotional items going on, but the sales, they are not so good. I mean, we are late most of the times to take a look at the items on sale, and the 'good ones' have been taken up already, leaving us with what others refuse to take...

Not until this month, our better chance didn't come... and thanks to Mayer. Well, Mayer is one of the shops that's been promoting their items by giving a package deal of a hob and a hood for a lower price than when these items are individually bought.

This time around, their prices are lower when bought individually... and rightly so, because it is their 23rd anniversary here in Singapore.

Now, what attracted us even more is the fact that some items were on PWP promotion: purchase either a hob or a hood, and you get one of these (sink or a pressure cooker) for only $23. How's that?

We checked with the salesman, that if we bought a hob and a hood, will we e getting 2 pressure cookers? 'Yeah, yeah, that's possible,' he said.

We left.

We came back the next day, and made the selection, and finalized the purchase.

When he is entering the details in the system, he seemed to see something that made him say, 'I think you can only get 1 pressure cooker...' and of course, we were surprised.

I looked at the my wife, and she quickly replied, 'Put them in separate invoices!'

That solved the problem.

I mean, it would have been OK if we get 1 sink and 1 pressure cooker, but we wanted to get 2 pressure cookers and no sink - there's no use for the sink, and we are giving the pressure cooker as a gift.

So if you are at this time hunting for a good hood and hob, both of quality and price, go to Mayer. We bought our oven 3 years ago, and we're not regretting that decision.


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