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Cooking for children

Delicious Chicken nuggets.Image via WikipediaI think this would be an interesting article, more so if we are keen to feeding our kids with what we cook.

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  • Joanne Shuttleworth, Mercury staff 
  • Sun May 01 2011

GUELPH — Why will kids eat tandoori chicken and brown rice at daycare but will only eat chicken nuggets and fries at home?
What do those daycare cooks know that mere mortal parents don’t?
The answers are in a cookbook called Child Care Cooks, which was launched at the Child Care Conference at Cutten Fields Saturday.
It’s a collection of kid-friendly, budget-friendly, healthy recipes created by local chefs, cookbook authors and the cooks at local child care centres. Food writers Elizabeth Baird and Emily Richards edited the book and converted the recipes to family-sized proportions.
Richards, who lives in Guelph, said she was asked to do a cooking demonstration at the conference a few years ago to showcase diversity in food.
Daycare cooks were realizing there was a need for ethnic diversity on their menus. The demonstration really sparked interest in sharing recipes and tips,” Richards said.
“The cooks started sharing their recipes and the cookbook was the next step.”
More than 100 recipes are in the book, including vegetarian dishes, soups, salads, cookies and other desserts, snacks and main dishes.
The recipes comply with the Day Nurseries Act.
Paola Hohenadel, professional development co-ordinator with the Quality Child Care Initiative, said the cookbook is a great tool for cooks at daycare centres as well as for families.
“They don’t use obscure ingredients,” Hohenadel said. “They are simple recipes and kids love them.”
“They fit with food budgets,” added Richards. “Child care centres have to stick to budgets too.”
Richards said childhood is the perfect time to begin a healthy relationship with food. Parents should not be afraid to introduce a variety of spices and flavours to children. Kids may need to be exposed to different foods many times before trying them. Don’t give up, and don’t give in to pressure, she says.
“Meal time should be relaxed but it can still be adventurous,” Richards said.
The cook books are $20 and are available at child care centres and at the Early Years Centre in Stone Road Mall. Call or email Hohenadel for more information: 519-821-6638 ext. 201;

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Now we’re cooking — for children

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