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Sweet Potato Recipes

Ipomoea batatas, Convolvulaceae, Sweet Potato,...Image via WikipediaNow this is another very simple fruit (is it a fruit or a vegetable?) that has diverse uses, and the dishes that can be made from it is quite unlimited. I should say, it can be broiled, fried, boiled, cut into round pieces or into chips, mashed, etc., etc.

It is also very economical. Have you seen a sweet potato that is very expensive?

And these are very nutritious, too. The many varieties also add to the variation in color, texture and taste. Makes for the perfect dessert (or dip), as shown in the list of recipes for this versatile root crop.

Go on now... Enjoy!

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April 22, 2011

Here are some of my most favorite sweet potato recipes. These dishes will add some vitamin-A rich deliciousness to your spring holiday table. Serve these dishes for Easter – or serve them all year long. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods – these are my most beloved recipes. And feel good diving into healthy sweet potatoes! Kids love them too. Eat up! Check these sweet potato recipes out..

Sweet Potato Glow Spirals - a perfect appetizer or small bite. Or serve these bites up for a light lunch. They are kinda like sweet potato sushi! Without the fish. Or rice. But you get the idea!
Sweet Potato Apple Souffle Cups – another perfect small bite or elegant appetizer. Serve these cups warm from the oven for some cozy golden yumminess.
My Famous Sweet Potato Mash – this is my most favorite mash. I serve it at Thanksgiving – or just as a side dish for supper. This is the mash I use to stuff my Sassy Sweet Potato Pitas below..
Sweet and Sassy Sweet Potato Pockets – I first started making these when I went vegetarian – I’d bring them to dinner parties and holiday feasts so that I’d have something to eat! But when everyone started asking for the recipe I knew I had a winner. I make these often – and kids love them!
Sweet Potato Stuffed Roasted Pepper – Lovely hearty side dish for sweet potato lovers like you and me!
Sweet Potato Mash and Lemon Pepper Tempeh – this is one of my favorite meal combos. Protein-rich and super healthy. Give this vegan combo a try!
Sweet Potato Biscuits – the classic sweet potato biscuit gets a healthy makeover. These are vegan, and tender-licious. I crave these cozy biscuits.
Sweet Potato Dream Dip – this luscious creamy yam/white bean dip is the perfect party-starter. Whip it up in a flash and serve it with some crackers and veggie sticks. Par-ty!
Silly Sweet Potato Pizza - the ultimate kid-pleaser that even adults will swoon over. Creamy mashed sweet potatoes, maple, pecan and citrus flavors. Serve as a side dish or main event!
White Yam Sweet Garlic Bean Dip – this was a soup recipe gone wrong, and a bean dip recipe gone right! Creamy and packed with garlic-white yam flavor.

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Favorite Sweet Potato Recipes

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