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Looking for Microwave Oven Recipes?

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Best Microwave Oven Cooking Recipes

There is no dearth of microwave recipes in the market as a large number of books, magazines and even online websites provide a variety of recipes for microwave cooking. The features and wattage of different microwaves vary and so do cooking recipes. Some microwave recipes are good enough for low-wattage microwaves, whereas some recipes are fit for high-wattage microwaves. Therefore, it is better to examine which microwave the meal is apt for and then only one should one venturing into cooking in the microwave. Select a microwave recipe and have your dinner ready in minutes.

125 Best Microwave Oven RecipesIf you love fish, a host of lip-smacking recipes for fish are available on various online sites and books. Some of these recipes include steamed fish, vegetable topped fish fillets, steamed Trout or Salmon with lettuce and peas, just to name a few. Each of these microwave dishes can be prepared easily and within the least period of time.
A recipe for dessert preparation can easily catch anybody's attention as desserts are almost everyone's favorite. One can try for pineapple cake with fresh strawberries which can be prepared in a microwave within 15 minutes. In your local book stores or online sites, you can also find out a microwave recipe for chocolate bark, almond roca, chocolate fudge and many others.

Varieties of appetizers and soups like vegetarian mini Mexican pizzas, creamy parmesan fondue, Mexican baked cheese with shrimp, sausage soup ole, California corn chowder and chicken noodle soup can be cooked in a microwave. A recipe for any of these appetizers or soups can guide a user to prepare the dish without facing any trouble.

How to Get the Best from Your Microwave Oven: Simple Techniques and Easy Step-By-Step RecipesPreparing breakfast in a short time has become possible because of microwave ovens. You can search for microwave recipes for delicious breakfast. Some popular breakfast dishes that can be cooked in a microwave include French dip sandwich, pork burgers, chili egg puff, macaroni and cheese supreme, loaded baked potato, to name a few.

All the microwave recipes available in different sources provide clear instructions for cooking. So anyone who has limited knowledge of cooking and would like to experiment with their culinary skills can try his or her hand at preparing a sumptuous meal with the help of a microwave.

Best Microwave Recipes

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Best Microwave Oven Cooking Recipes

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