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Would You Rather Have Your Food Baked Or Grilled?

While the very reason of us cooking our own food is to make sure that we eat 'clean and healthy' dishes, are we also aware that sometimes we are simply 'adding in' those harmful byproducts through the way we cook?
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Alcohol Consumption and Risk of CancerWith the various types of cancers, people fear the possibility of consuming carcinogenic substances through the foods that they eat. According to studies, carcinogens are found in foods that are baked and grilled. Although before, people thought that baking is safe and doesn't contain any carcinogenic substances, new studies have found out that baking goods can promote the formation of a harmful substance called acrylamide. This harmful substance can cause cancer.

Apparently, the main reason why baking and grilled foods can cause formation of carcinogenic substances is because of the exposure of foods to too much heat.

The carcinogens in baked foods are called acrylamide. Acrylamide is usually formed when baking starchy foods such as rice, corn, and potatoes. This carcinogenic substance can actually cause mutations of the cells inside your body which can lead to cancer. If this substance would accumulate inside your body for a long time, it will develop cancers such as rectal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and other forms of cancer.

Quick Facts on Colon CancerOn the other hand, the carcinogens that are present in grilled foods are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or also known as PCA's, benz pyrenes, and heterocyclic amines or HCA's. The benz pyrenes are those that are found in the charred portions when you are grilling meat while on the other hand, nitrosamines are those that are formed when foods that contain nitrates are grilled. One example of a commonly grilled food with nitrate would be hotdogs. When the carcinogenic chemicals accumulate in the body, it can cause cancer in the future.

If you can't avoid to bake or to grill food, there are ways on how to prevent the formation of these carcinogens and enjoy the goodness of these delicious foods.

When baking, it is best to limit the baking time since longer baking times can actually cause the formation of the acrylamide. On the other hand, if you prefer grilled, you can always choose lean meat or fruits and vegetables since this can be grilled immediately; thus, the length of grilling time is shorter.

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