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Delicious way to bond with kids

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ANNE Lawrence may be one of the faces of the Noosa Boardroom but behind the business facade in her quiet time, Anne likes to cook.

Her nine-year-old daughter Victoria especially loves to cook and suggested the recipe for apple crumble for this week’s home cook.

‘‘It’s actually my mum’s recipe that she gave to Victoria and taught her how to cook when she’s visited. It’s requested now that we make it when we go to barbecues,’’ Anne says.

‘‘It’s become our recipe, regardless of its lineage. Victoria really enjoys cooking it and enjoys watching us all eat it.’’

Anne says apple crumble is very simple to make. However, she says if children are trying their hands at it, they need to be supervised and helped with cutting up the apples.

She says it takes about 10 minutes to prepare, then 35 minutes in the oven.

Growing up, Anne says she couldn’t help but be exposed to interesting recipes.

‘‘My mum (Diane) is American and grew up in the Midwest and pies were a big hit when I was growing up. We always had apple pie, pumpkin pie and all sorts of pies as well as the American sloppy joes. But then she ended up in Turkey marrying my father, so we ended up doing a lot of Turkish platters and food at home.

She lives in Melbourne, so when she comes up, she does a lot of cooking and we spend time in the kitchen, which is nice,’’ she says.

At home, Anne says her husband Steve often ends up doing a lot of the cooking, which is another opportunity for her to spend time with her children.

‘‘It’s important to juggle because you have to spend time with the kids. It’s finding time in your daily schedule where you talk to them, rather than getting too buried in your work,’’ she says.

‘‘I also do marketing consultancy and sometimes I work from home, and on the road.

‘‘My six-year-old loves licking the bowl. And Victoria has gotten right into Junior MasterChef. She wants to cook all the time now. She’s starting to learn other recipes. She could apply.’’
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