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Weight Lose Recipes

Atkins Best Recipes: Lose Weight with More Than 175 Low Carb DishesYou want to lose weight, but you have to eat. Here are some recommended recipes to do both: eat and lose weight. Isn't that what we all want to happen?


There is a lot of attention on losing weight and a lot of it has to do with how we view ourselves. Please don't be manipulated by weight loss companies and their advertisements. Frankly, no matter how much they brainwash you into believing your worth is based on your clothes size, don't believe it. It's not true. You are so much more than your body. You can lose weight rapidly and in a healthy way! Let me give you some recipes for losing weight fast. They are delicious and will help you with your waistline.

Homemade Apple Sauce
Core and peel 6 apples. Add a handful of raisins and 115ml apple juice. Bring to a boil and simmer until cooked. Add spoonful of lemon juice to enhance flavor. Spice up with cinnamon.

The Fat Flush PlanPesto Pea Soup
Simmer chopped onion, sliced carrot, sliced celery, and 1 3/4 cups of low sodium chicken broth and 2 cups of water in a covered pot for 6 minutes, then add a 10oz bag of frozen peas and cook for 3 minutes.
Stir of 1 tbsp of pesto and puree soup in blender until smooth. Season with lemon juice, and serve.

Fish of Pork with Fresh Salsa
Choose your favorite fish/pork or chicken , cook (bake or steam) and then top with fresh tomato, mango, strawberry etc salsa. Place meat with salsa on a bed of spinach or other salad greens and serve.

Spicy Peanuts
For a on the go snack, sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of one ounce of dry-roasted peanuts and enjoy.

Jeanette Jenkins: Hollywood Trainer 21 Day Total Body CircuitGrilled Chicken and Spinach Salad
Grilled Chicken and spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, feta, and olive oil or a vinaigrette.

Chicken Stuffed Pepper
Cook chicken, then let cool.
Cut top of bell pepper off and stuff with chicken and low fat cottage cheese, then top with salsa and serve. 

Tuna Salad
Mix tuna with low fat Italian salad dressing, mix in chopped celery and chives and enjoy.

Quick & Easy Low-Sugar Recipes: Lose Weight*Boost Energy*Fight Fatigue (Simply Healthy)Veggie Patty with Mushroom
Use a low fat veggie patty (like Amy's or California Brand) or make your own. Cook burger patty and a full portobello mushroom, then stack and serve.

Fruity French Toast
Whisk a large egg with a spoonful of milk. Dip piece of break into mixture and covering both sides. Cook on frying pan until golden brown. Top with fresh fruit.

Coleslaw With Dried Cranberries And Apples
Chop red and green cabbage, then mix with balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, low fat plain yogurt and pepper to taste. Stir in dried cranberries and sliced apple.

Mix fresh salsa (make sure it is not high in sugar or fat-the best choice is home made!) with your choice of lean meat (tuna, chicken, lean beef, turkey, pork) and wrap up in a whole wheat wrap, or even better, make it a lettuce wrap! You can use regular tomato salsa or switch it up and use a mango or other fruit salsa. 

Chicken, Walnut and Mango Salad
Cook chicken and toss with salad greens, mango slices, walnuts. Squeeze lime (lemon or orange) juice on top and season with pepper to taste.

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