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Home Nutrition = School Nutrition

Typical school mealImage by gniliep via FlickrNutrition at Home Is as Important as School Lunches
Jan 16, 2011 Barbara Pytel

School lunches are scrutinized but what care is taken to ensure nutritional food once children reach home? Quality food takes time and planning.
While Americans are living longer than prior generations, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer rates are rising over the past 20 years. Planning meals carefully at home could be the key to children’s health not only during childhood but into adulthood.

Children Need Nutritional Building Blocks


Convenience is very important but is there a high price to be paid for serving a family convenient foods? Children’s bodies need sound nutrition to build manufacture muscle, tissues and bones. Many convenience foods contain chemicals, dyes, and have been genetically altered. In many cases there are no vitamins or minerals in what children eat and the “food” is useless. Foods that come off a shelf have only a fraction of the nutritional value of foods in the produce and meat departments.

Very little of a meal preparation should comprise of foods from the pantry of freezer since pantry food has preservatives and freezing food causes a loss of vitamins and minerals. Living, whole foods should comprise the bulk of a meal.

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Nutrition at Home Is as Important as School Lunches

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